Hello. Thank you for being curious enough to find this page.

If you read my résumé you will notice that my career combines three interconnected disciplines; design, growth and storytelling. This combination enables me to do the work I do today. I am a full-stack designer; not only seeing the design process through from end-to-end, but also building a deep understanding of the levers for commercial and customer success.

I’m a jack of all trades:

  • User research, ideation and validation; I’m a proponent for User Centered Design ↗, focusing on the user’s needs at each stage of the process.
  • Design iterations; I use the principles of Atomic Design ↗ to establish a library of reusable components that enable me to quickly create high-fidelity prototypes for user testing.
  • Developer handover; I believe that design and development is a collaborative process and make efforts to bring developers into the design process as early as possible, in order to deeply understand the technical challenges or opportunities that can be taken. I combine prototypes with annotated project files and, where necessary, author specific documentation to communicate how something is intended to work.
  • Measuring value; I am data-driven and well-versed in writing SQL (PostgresQL and MySQL) queries to surface data, then reporting the results (via a Google Sheets or data-vis tools like Domo or Data Studio). I use these skills at all stages of the design process and have also built reports for other key stakeholders to help them measure the impact of my designs.

In the last 7+ years I have worked on a variety of digital products and services including:

  • Native iOS and Android apps
  • B2C subscription services
  • SaaS web platforms
  • White-label enterprise software
  • Designing and publishing design systems

I’m a Senior Product Designer building a platform for a smarter, fairer entertainment industry at We Got POP ↗.

Outside of Work

In my spare time: