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YourWelcome is an Android app that runs, in Kiosk mode, on custom-built tablets in short-term rental properties around the world. The app is controlled by the owner of the property via a web dashboard, enabling them to control the features and services from anywhere in the world. Designed to for guests, the app has features to assist them during their stay. Find out more on the YourWelcome website ↗.


A few of my favourite projects…

My Roles

Head of Growth

Aug 2016 - Dec 2016 Following YourWelcome’s launch, I joined the team as the Head of Growth to focus on user acquisition & retention, and to oversee delivery of the B2C product. In this time we grew from having 50 tablets in the wild to more than 15000, spread across more than 50 worldwide countries/territories.

Chief Product Officer

Jan 2017 - Dec 2018 As the company continued to grow, I was asked to oversee the design & delivery of the YourWelcome’s apps and web dashboard as the Chief Product Officer.