Reservations calendar

Jul 2016

It became clear that the YourWelcome tablet would become a much more powerful tool if we were able to attribute in-app behaviour to a particular guest. This would provide a wealth of guest data that we now take for granted.


Users should be able to create, edit and delete a variety of events in a calendar.

The calendar system is used to:

  • View & edit bookings
  • View & approve service requests
  • Setting custom reminders
  • Integrate with external reservations calendars (HomeAway, etc)

The calendar will be integrated with other external calendars; guest reservations will be imported from third parties, so the system must adhere to web standards (such as ISO 8601, handling timezones).


The calendar has become the backbone of a number of systems in the YourWelcome ecosystem.

  • Can integrate 7+ external calendars, including HomeAway and
  • Enables property managers to sell of late check-outs, via YourWelcome services


This key feature has enabled us to link in-app events to individual bookings; we now customise the guest’s experience based on past behaviour, as well as providing more detailed sales and analytical reporting to our clients.

  • ~10000+ reservations added/imported per month in 2018
  • 70% YourWelcome customers have connected a third party calendar
  • Late check-outs have become YourWelcome’s most-sold additional service


Reservations calendar