Personalised experiences

Jul 2016

A majority of short-term rental hosts manage their property remotely, so the touchpoints between them and their guests are few and far-between (and can often feel very formal).

YourWelcome’s self check-in options enable property hosts to provide a warm welcome to guests and capture vital details, in the guests’ first language.

Property Rating


  • Provide a platform to personally welcome guests
  • Collect vital information upon arrival, such as expected departure time
  • Provide a platform to sell in-stay services and extensions to the booking
  • Translation options for guests from overseas


The check-in screens are fully customisable; hosts can choose which screens appear and in what order. Each screen itself is customiable, enabling hosts to capture the information required by their business.

By tying the check-in screens to YourWelcome’s Services platform, hosts are able to create exclusive check-in products. If they have a property calendar connected, they’re even able to sell additional nights in the property.

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Personalised experiences