Personalised experiences

Jul 2016

In order to help our clients adhere to GDPR, YourWelcome needed to introduce new features in our app and dashboard. Survey results indicated that clients were confused by what GDPR was, whether it affected them and how to ensure their business was compliant.


Due to the perceived complexity of GDPR, the feature should:

  • Be clear and simple for Guests to use
  • Be simple to set up by hosts, enabling our clients to become fully compliant with GDPR
  • Ensure that YourWelcome adheres to GDPR


We created a configurable check-in screen, managed via the dashboard, that enables YourWelcome and our clients to explain to guests how we capture and store their data. The app screen includes a dynamic list of data points (and corresponding checkboxes) that the guest must view and agree to before they can complete their check-in.

Guests must scroll through the list and tap the checkboxes to demonstrate that they agree to the items within – they cannot complete their check-in without completing all mandatory fields.


  • At the time this feature was release YourWelcome was seeing an average of 5000 check-ins per month; >85% of check-ins are fully GDPR compliant
  • YourWelcome is GDPR compliant