Setting up Jekyll

Setting up my first Jekyll site

I’ve begun to migrate my portfolio and blog from Squarespace to Jekyll, via Github Pages.

This isn’t my first rodeo - I’ve used Jekyll before, so setting up Jekyll was easy enough. I was also able to install and customise a new theme with relative ease.

Ambitions & Objectives

I made the decision to use this blog to test my design and web development skills as I continue to further my education in these areas through 2020.

  • Simple styling; can I build a theme that focuses on ease-of-use and accessibility, while still acheiving the aesthetic I want?
  • Helpful features; can I build upon the simple theme by integrating plugins, such as search?
  • SEO optimisations; can I build a site that generates inbound traffic by optimising blog posts for SEO?


There is no set timeframe for this project, but I will approach the set up in the following order:

  1. Set up Jekyll
  2. Install a custom theme
  3. Set up / transfer blog content
  4. Create a page template for portfolio projects
  5. Build-out pages for portfolio projects
  6. Integrate site-search