How I built Printers Playhouse

In a recent post, I mentioned that I would be continuing to teach myself how to build and deploy websites via Github Pages by building websites for good causes.

The new site for Printers Playhouse has been live for just over two weeks and we’ve already seen more than 500 people come to the site.

Why Printers?

At the end of 2017 I was in a bad place. Recently separated from a partner of 10 years, sharing a bunk bed at my parents house with brother (who was going through a similar situation). I needed to throw myself into something new and spend some time figuring out what was important to me. I’ve played guitar for a few years and decided this was probably the best vehicle to get out and meet new people.

The Open Mic night at Printers Playhouse was my salvation. 2 years on and everything has changed. Printers is where my Fiancée and I first met (we’re in the house band together).

Like many independent, family-run businesses - they had an underperforming website and lacked the skills and/or budget to sort it out. For these reasons, I stepped in to offer my services.

The Printers Playhouse website became my first pro bono “external client” website.

Client Requirements

I worked with the Printers team to identify the key requirements of their ideal website:

  • A filterable events page, where people can see all events that are occuring in the next few weeks
  • Dedicated pages for the theatre and for the regular ‘get involved’ nights (e.g. the open stage night, community choir etc)
  • Modern styling with a simple colour scheme that reflects the Printers brand
  • The ability to see which content is most popular

Outside of this meager list, I was given a free reign.

The Events Page

More info to come