Jekyll for Good

Earlier this year I challenged myself to start building websites (again), using Jekyll via Github Pages. Since January, I have published three sites:

Working on these projects reawakened a dormant passion for website design.

I want to learn more about Jekyll. I want to better understand how to use Liquid. By the end of the year I want to have published my own Jekyll template, rather than modifying other peoples.

Rather than needlessly experimenting on sites that I’ve already published, I decided that I needed to find some new challenges that I can apply myself to; a project I’m calling ‘Jekyll for Good’

Jekyll For Good

The premise is simple; identify good causes with no or nascent web presence, then spend a couple of weeks building them something (in my spare time). This is not a professional service - I just want to use my spare time and experience to support others. If anyone insists, I will ask them to make a donation to my chosen charity.

Completed Websites:

  • Printers Playhouse; a local community arts hub that I’ve become increasingly involved with.
  • Moar Guitars; a tiny independent luthier whose guitars I greatly admire