I am available on an ad hoc basis for consultancy:

  • Streaming, video production and online content; I’m an erstwhile video producer for well-known TV faces and have produced, developed and sold multiple digital formats. I can advise you from ideation and strategy through to distribtuion, whatever the scale of you production.
  • Product design and UX; I have extensive cross-platform experience and can help with planning & conducting research, designing solutions and testing/analysing success.
  • Simple static websites; I’ve taught myself how to build websites on the Jekyll framework - building simple websites that perform the way you need them to.

If you think I can help, please email


Dan Prescencer - Moar Guitars

I have been working closely with John Haynes over the past 3 months to build a website for my business, Moar Guitars. He has been so good to work with. I have dabbled in web design myself, and worked with web designers in the past, and what has really set John apart from my past experiences is his keenness to try, and learn, new things. Whenever I came up with an idea that he didn’t have an immediate solution for rather then trying to brush the idea to the side, or compromise it ,he seemed to really genuinely enjoy the challenge of figuring out how to make it work. I live in Copenhagen, and John is in Sussex, so we have never met, but working with him remotely has worked very smoothly. Communication is almost instant, always very clear, and positive. A month into the site, and after many many hours of work I decided that the site wasn’t targeting my audience, so suggested a redesign. John didn’t complain at all. The whole experience has been that he has been trying to make me as happy, and the site as good, as possible, rather then “just getting it done”.